The Newcomer Project \ Part 2

This lovely Brazilian-Canadian family of 3! It was such a pleasure to meet Daniela and her two boys. We had only chatted over email prior to her Family Photography Session, but she immediately greeted me with a big hug! I'm a hugger, so this was very refreshing. 


One of my favourite things about this Newcomer Project is the ability to hear other people's perspective about Canadians. We live in a kind of paradise, particularly in Victoria, BC. But we are a bit of an odd bunch sometimes. We can be formal and reserved compared to other cultures around the world. I remarked to Daniela that when I traveled a lot in my 20s it occurred to me after awhile that the immense hospitality and friendliness that I encountered in other countries was a kind of normal existence for so many people around the world. And while I do think Canada is a very friendly culture, we can easily be out outmaneuvered by many other friendlier cultures. And as I have now learned Brazil is one of those places where people greet you with a hug upon meeting, and closeness is felt almost immediately. 






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