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April 22, 2018

Building a community for my new business, and I've been reaching out to other small business owners to plan some collaborative projects with them. Little did I know that I'd be introducing myself to some amazing people. Sarah Scott, owner of Botanic Creative, is a new bright light in my life. Turns out we like the same books, drink the same wine, and share a love of indigenous plants. Her creativity is an inspiration, and I'm excited to watch her business grow and thrive. 


Below are some shots of a collaboration we did recently out at Sea Cider Farmhouse. It was a bit cooler than it looks, but a gorgeous day nonetheless. And I had a chance to ask her some questions to get to the heart of what inspires her. 


1. Introduce yourself. How do you spend your days?


My name is Sarah and I am crazy about plants. Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by leaf structure, flower colour, their growth patterns and behaviour. I would spend hours playing under huge rhododendron forests, studying roots and bugs and textures. I still can remember feeling a deep, innate connection to the outside world. I started Botanic Creative  to encourage the community to reconnect with nature by focusing on the powerful benefits the botanical world can offer.


My greenspace designs, floral art and workshops are what feed my need of creative expression. A day in my shoes would look like; enjoying a cup of strong black coffee, checking in with my plants and answering emails. I might meet a client for an interior greenspace or patio design, then do some research for my next workshop. I might drive out to a local flower farm to collect fresh cut stems for a photoshoot or do some scheduled greenspace maintenance for a client.


2. Briefly describe your journey. Were there some pivotal things that helped propel you to where you are now? 


My mother owned a flower shop as I was growing up. If I wasn’t in school, I was there helping her. I remember being so happy. After high school, to fund travelling, I got a job at a local nursery and as a landscaper, where I began to soak up everything I overheard. Life carried on and I found myself on other career paths where frankly, I was miserable. One particularly miserable day I asked myself “When was I most happy in my career-life?” I answered that immediately with “working with plants.” Since then I have had some incredible mentors and opportunities that ultimately led me to launching Botanic Creative last October.


3. Do you have any rituals or a routine that helps ground you and primes your creative mind?


I love expanding my plant knowledge. If I find an interesting fact or helpful tip that I can share with my community, then I have had a good day! My favourite way to unwind is to pour a glass of wine, turn on the record player and water my plants. Through nurturing them, they nurture me. If, through a greenspace installation, I have provided that environment for others, then I have had a GREAT day!


4. I love a good quote. Do you have a favourite you’d like to share?


Not a quote, but a welsh word that I love: cynefin (n.) a place where an animal or person feels they ought to belong, a place that feels right.












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