Rest & Relaxation

December 30, 2017


The lead up to the holidays this year was bananas. Generally I am good at self-care and managing my down time so that I can prevent stress, but this year the level of work that needed to be done was simply unavoidable and subsequently I got stressed out. It's usually around the time that my husband points out to me that I've been swearing more than usual when I realize that I'm stressed out. I'm a vocal person, so naturally my easiest way to relieve stress that I can't avoid is to release little f-bombs in every day conversation.


But the holidays are over, and I put away the Christmas decorations. And we went outside a lot, and will continue to. This is the balance that I need to get back to normal. Time to think about the year behind me and the one ahead. Time to breathe and walk; dream and talk. And I'm starting to feel like myself again. I even stopped myself from swearing this morning. 


Our wee family love to wander around in the many wonderful outdoor parks, forests, and beaches in our lovely Victoria. We've recently been wandering out to Saanich lately and finding new pathways along Beaver Lake. Every time I go out this way, particularly in the winter when everyone's chimneys are smoking, it makes me want to move out here where its quiet and the air is always fresh. 


Below are some family pictures, some photos taken by me, some taken by my husband, Stephen, and a couple taken by my budding photog daughter, Eleanor. 








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