Strong Child

December 22, 2017

Since we've lived in North Park in Victoria, BC we've been getting our live Christmas Tree from Anawim House on Vancouver Street. For two reasons, first it is close to our house, and secondly because this time of year, whenever I have the opportunity to spend money to support local community causes I will. If you're not familiar with it, Anawim House is located in North Park and describes itself as "...a refuge, a home, a meeting ground, and a source of hope for many of Victoria’s street community." This is a place where people rebuild their lives after addiction and homelessness. Throughout the year they have various fundraisers, and one is a live Christmas Tree sale. Each year that we get our tree from these lovely folks and we've always had a wonderful experience. They're friendly and open-hearted. We hear their stories and they hear ours. It's become a tradition for our little family that I hope to continue as long as we're living in this fine city. 


And on our walkies home with tree in tow, Eleanor insisted on rolling her tree all the way home, which she did. I love the life experiences. Giving her this bit of empowerment is so valuable to her. It would be easy to let my fear of traffic or broken tree branches stop me from letting her have this moment. But I think it's truly invaluable to give a child an opportunity to show you how strong and capable they are, no matter how little they may seem. She constantly impresses me with her strength. 




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