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November 14, 2017

It was (appropriately) a miserable cold and wet long weekend. And I could have gotten a lot done, but I ended up with a cold. Although reasonably manageable symptoms, but I decided to not spend too much time inflicting others with my illness. And I did get to have some long overdue time with my husband, Stephen, who happened to have some rare time off at the same time as me. We are in that meaty 30-something-year-old-raising-a-child stage of life where there is never enough money or time, or both. And so he works is butt off for his family, and I sacrifice a lot of my time for my family. It's what we can contribute, and we don't always stop to say thank you to each other for the things that we do that we really don't want to do. 


I came across this phrase this weekend "don't make it personal, make it purposeful", which I think is most understood by anyone raising a child. When you don't want to drag ourselves out of bed at 3am to respond to a crying child. It's been a journey of a lifetime learning this lesson with Stephen, and I think we're managing to do a good job. Our daughter is thriving, and thats all that really matters. Right now, while I'm thinking of other things to make purposeful in my professional life, I draw upon the mindset of parenthood, and my husband's persistence and purposeful sacrifices to find inspiration for my future. 


Oh! And Thank you, Stephen. 




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