Adventures In Our Own Backyard

November 7, 2017

This weekend my girl and I had some long overdue down time together. The entire weekend. We had no agenda, only a couple of easy errands. Mostly just exploring. We went on 4 different walks, 2 with the dog, 1 across a bridge, 3 next to water; a lake, a stream, and a Pacific Ocean inlet. Much fun was had. I've come to the end of the Wedding Photography season. No more editing. I'm officially in Family Portrait season. It's a magical time. In many respects, I prefer Family Sessions over Weddings, because they don't come with the added stress of the capture-it-now-or-its-gone-forever expectations (which is exciting!), but there is a time for everything. And I always love this transitional time of year.


It even snowed! Very very lightly and if you happened to be stuck inside all day on Saturday you would have missed it completely, but it snowed! I'm pretty sure it was summer a week ago, but we are definitely heartily into Fall and Winter all at the same time. Not something we're all that used to here in the Pacific North West. Especially in Victoria, because we live in paradise and are often sheltered from bad weather that shows up elsewhere in the region. 














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